Review DJI Phantom 4 Pro with the actual flight test.

DJI has developed capabilities of drones continues. From a month ago, has announced the launch of Phantom 4 Pro and Pro + is following close behind after launching Phantom 4 a few months earlier.

The Phantom 4 Pro features the image size is 1 inch,  has a surface size is four times the camera Phantom 4 and can also shoot video in 4K at 60 fps and shooting Raw and JPG with  a resolution of 20 mega pixels.


So to speak, the outward appearance of the Phantom 4 Pro version is the same plain as the Phantom 4-inch rotors with four lines look smooth and glossy. The Phantom 4 is also the same as the Pro version can use the packaging box is a box to carry it. The box size is compact. Mobility if you have to travel by car to get about. But it only took a little bit there. So if you have to carry it up the hill into the creek by hand. You may have to buy a separate box Backpack. In addition The remote control, it looks like any ordinary Phantom 4 version is accompanied by a clip for mounting it on a smart phone or Tappan Let It comes with two joystick lever.  And dial adjust camera The rear set. And stop buttons for the automatic flight, the plane returned to the temporary starting point.
Both of which will help to prevent accidents.

Sensors round

Phantom 4 is the first of DJI drones with sensors that detect obstacles in front and has been put in issue by Mavic Pro for Phantom 4 Pro version has added sensors in the same way in the back, too. To prevent fly strike back. It also has a sensor in a downward direction as Mavic Pro version, which will work with the location of the pictures already.

To be able to come through it better when flying low flying Phantom 4 Pro also supports the natural path, too. By maintaining a high level and then the track surface, which can be done despite the high hills low.

It also has infrared sensors on both sides, left and right.
But there will not be as capable as obstacle avoidance sensors on the front and back. And may not work in all flight modes.  So do not even think to fly the Phantom 4 Pro model apathetic and let it fly out the side against the wall to get out.

To make it dodge obstacles in any direction. Flight time will be selected in the default mode Tripod mode or both modes on the fly,  then speeds up and down on a tripod mode,  you can adjust the position of the SL drone has subtly shifted a little. As we gradually move the camera and take a stand on it.  This is done by using a joystick control.

Obstacle avoidance system, front and rear that can work well in flight Phantom 4 Pro a top speed of around 50 kilometers per hour.
And it works well when it flew full speed into a barrier. It will stop in that direction soon.

Drone this version also has a flight mode with the Sport, which will increase the maximum speed is 72 kilometers per hour.  The obstacle avoidance system will not work. It can fly faster than the wind direction. The apps I flew it says can fly at a speed of 80 km / h, with quite a period of time that I tried to fly.

DJI Phantom 4 PRO Quadcopter Drone with 1-inch 20MP 4K Camera KIT + 3 Total DJI Batteries + 2 64GB Micro SDXC Cards + Reader + Snap on Prop Guards + Range Extender + Charging Hub + Remote Harness