Many people would have to change the battery computer motherboard BIOS yourself.
The most common symptoms BIOS battery runs out
Symptoms of a computer are going to happen when we press the button to start the machine.
it will show a screen, press F1 to enter the date and time in the Bios.The dates and times will be reset to 00:00 on 01/01/2001.
The date and time the ERROR we need to set a new date and with SAVE and EXIT.

BIOS CR2032 battery with CR2025 different.
1. The first two digits 20 on the front indicates the width of charcoal BIOS = 20 mm. (Same width).
2. The numbers 25 and 32, the latter refers to the thickness of the battery BIOS = 2.5 mm. And 3.2 mm. (BIOS CR2025 batteries that are more than CR2032).
3. Voltage 3 V 2 equal size.
4. Current 0.2 mA as well as two sizes.
5. Capacity CR2025 = 160 mAh, CR2032 = 200 mAh. (Battery capacity like mobile phones, we have more capacity, we use the phone for a long time. Likewise with battery BIOS).

Motherboard BIOS Both models are available But the capacity of the CR2032 has made more than CR2025 can be used all

But there are precautions: There is certain electronic equipment Designed to measure the thickness of a certain size, such as CR2025 battery with a thickness of 2.5 mm. Only.